Outdoor Trends To Know About This Summer

Here’s What’s Hot for 2023

Summer is here. Time to throw on your shades and fire up the grill!

With every new summer comes new outdoor trends. If you’re looking to revamp your NJ landscape and introduce something new, here’s what’s in style this summer.

  1. Bringing the indoors outside. Creating a clear divide between your home and your yard is becoming less and less desirable. Homeowners want to feel like their yards are extensions of their homes. Choosing very comfortable and high-quality furniture is one way to achieve this. Another is to use the same flooring inside of your home and on the outdoor patio. To create a truly seamless transition, you can even replace the solid back wall of your home with a bi-fold door or French door.
  2. Natural stone pathways. Nothing adds charm and character to a yard like a natural stone pathway. Imperfect and asymmetrical looks are in, making natural stone the perfect fit. Granite, porcelain, sandstone and limestone are popular choices for breaking up solid lawns and creating beautiful pathways.
  3. Natural privacy screens. See you later, fences! Homeowners are gravitating toward natural privacy screens that make their yards feel cozier and earthier at the same time. Planting trees isn’t the only way to achieve the natural look. Vertical garden planters are a lovely and popular choice for creating natural privacy screens.
  4. Building outdoor sanctuaries. The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we view our homes. When homeowners couldn’t travel, they wanted to feel transported at home. This led to the creation of “wellness yards,” equipped with everything from furniture to rugs, pizza ovens, fire features, custom-built outdoor kitchens and everything in between. Outdoor sanctuaries were already popular, but the pandemic kicked this trend into overdrive. Travel has since resumed, but the demand for wellness yards full of amenities and hardscaping features has yet to slow down.
  5. Mediterranean-inspired landscaping. In general, homeowners are shifting away from anything that makes their yards feel artificial and man-made. Perhaps this is why Mediterranean-style landscapes are all the rage in 2023. With a focus on natural materials, earth tones, drought-tolerant plants, water features, terracotta, tilework and rustic wood, this style is meeting homeowners’ desires for a truly organic, perfectly imperfect look. It is a timeless approach that makes yards feel more laid-back, naturally beautiful and closer to the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

Take Your Landscape to the Next Level

Trends might come and go, but we think some of these are here to stay—especially No. 4.

A lush, green lawn is a beautiful thing. But if you’ve been thinking that with the right enhancements, your yard can become so much more than open space, give us a call. We’ve been designing and installing NJ landscapes for more than 25 years—and we have the results to prove it! We’d be happy to visit your property, learn more about your vision and advise how we can bring that vision to life in the most memorable, cost-effective way possible.

To schedule a consultation for your NJ property, contact us online or call us at 908.512.2267. From our family to yours, we wish you a relaxing, safe and fun-filled summer!