A nighttime shot of a house with a brand new stone deck surrounded by small stake lights

Get More Use Out of Your Yard Year-Round

No Need To Call It a Night When the Sun Goes Down

Enjoying your yard isn’t only for the long days of spring and summer! There are lots of additions and updates you can make that will brighten your outdoor space and make it more comfortable, even during those chilly days and nights.

Adding details like hardscaping features, landscape lighting, or even a fire pit to your outdoor design can instantly make the area more welcoming year-round. You’ll find yourself wanting to enjoy your outdoor space more and more with these upgrades!

Hardscaping: An Easy Way To Upgrade Your Space!

Hardscaping can add so much to your property. It not only beautifies the space, but it can create a new gathering place for friends and family. You can add character to your yard with either stone or paver walkways and patios. In addition to being decorative, a new patio or walkway will enhance the safety and functionality of your space! Create your very own outdoor oasis with expertly crafted hardscaping features.

Just be careful to not forget about these areas when the snow comes! Remove snow from your hardscaping areas/features so they don’t become damaged or slippery and unsafe!

Brighten Your Nights With Landscape Lighting

There’s nothing like spending an evening out under the stars…but a brighter space is ideal for outdoor gatherings once the sun goes down! Adding landscape lighting to your yard is an easy way to extend the amount of time you can spend outside; enjoy warm summer nights with friends, safely walk your dog, or let the kids play for longer in the yard and still be able to keep a watchful eye.

There are different kinds of lighting to consider, based on your needs and property layout. Be sure to work with a skilled design team to determine what would suit your space the best!

Gather ‘Round The Fire

The coziest way to get more use out of your outdoor space? A fire pit! From gathering with friends and family to roasting marshmallows with your kids, a fire pit is the perfect solution for more warmth, no matter the season. This inviting addition can brighten a space, add character to your backyard, and bring people together. Not to mention, you don’t have to give up your outdoor time on cooler nights!

We Want to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Yard

Everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to their property, but there are ways to maximize your usage all year long! We want to help you craft an outdoor space that’s not only practical, but inviting regardless of the season. If you’re looking to revamp your space with hardscaping or landscape design in New Jersey, Castle Point is here to help! Let us show you how to take advantage of everything your property has to offer. Schedule a consultation today by calling 908.512.2267 or contacting us online!