freshly planted shrubs and bushes in front of a home

Springing Into May Gardens

Ideas for Creating the Space of Your Dreams

The month of May is a gardener’s paradise, both for those who live for getting their hands dirty on the daily and for those who take more of a weekend warrior approach. The soil has lost its late-winter, early-spring rock-hardness—so your prized trowel is safe from damage. You’re not constantly trying to plan your gardening around those April showers and the days have gotten longer, allowing you to spend more time outdoors. May is the perfect time to get serious about sprucing up your planting beds and creating some gardening magic! If, however, your thumb is a little closer to black than it is to green, Castle Point Landscape Design has a team of professionals who are at the ready to help with your New Jersey planting needs.

Blooming With Opportunity & Creativity

Transforming your garden from ho-hum to enchanting isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are some suggestions for taking it to the next level and beyond:

  1. It’s an annual thing. While summer showstoppers such as impatiens, petunias and geraniums are a month or so away from thriving, there are a myriad of options for springtime annuals that do better before the heat of summer kicks in. Among them: violas, pansies, primroses and snapdragons. Intersperse these beauties with your perennials or make them the star of their own show. You won’t be disappointed!
  2. Eat your vegetables. Mom said so, and it is her month after all. We could all use a break from the high price of food these days, especially produce! May is a great time to consider starting a vegetable garden to save you some dough at the checkout. If you were an overachiever, you may have started your vegetables from seeds in your home. You can transplant those seedlings outdoors around mid-month. If not, check out your local garden center for vegetable plants such as tomato, zucchini, pepper and eggplant. Hmm, sounds like the start of a mouthwatering ratatouille!
  3. Herby goodness. An herb garden provides a wealth of options for flavor enhancers that you can endlessly mix up throughout the spring and summer. From a basil smash cocktail/mocktail to rosemary-infused lemonade to homemade pasta sauce flavored with your prizewinning oregano, an herb garden adds both beauty and function. Plus, it smells terrific!
  4. “Pot”ential. Whether your soil is inhospitable, you are lacking in space or perhaps your back and knees just aren’t what they used to be, planting any or all of the above in pots/containers is a great solution to these woes! You can also choose to mix it up and have both pots and in-ground plantings, which offers a nice leveling effect that can make your garden look even more lush. From clay to terracotta to wood to stone to plastic, a variety of planters can add unexpected flair to any outdoor space.
  5. Let’s zhuzh it up! Now’s the time to unpack those decorative items you may have stored away in the fall before the damaging late-fall/winter temps wreaked havoc on them. Decorative what, you say? No worries! Consider hitting up your local thrift store or garden center for anything from solar-powered twinkle lights to birdbaths to statues to a lovely bench where you can sit and admire your gardening handiwork.

Strike While the Iron Is Not So Hot

Getting a head start on your garden in the temperate temps of May sets you up for success before the heat of summer is upon us. And, remember, there are no wrong answers! You can make your garden as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. That’s the beauty of gardening—pun intended! As experts in landscape design in New Jersey, Castle Point understands the pride homeowners take in their gardens, and we’re here to help you fill in the blanks should you need assistance. Contact us online or call Castle Point Landscape Design at 908.512.2267.