A front walkway to a large stone home surrounded by bushes, flowers, and other plants on each side Plants are the building blocks of breathtaking landscape design. After all, different types of flowers, shrubs and perennials will add dimension, enhance curb appeal and transform your property’s overall look and feel. Do you want a backyard that’s warm and inviting? Are you dreaming of a front yard that feels modern or perhaps a little edgy? Are you searching for plantings that complement your home’s architectural features? There are a multitude of plants and shrubs to choose from to help your landscape match your personal style and desired look. And with the help of a professional landscaping company like Castle Point Landscape Design, you can find the perfect greenery to turn your vision into a reality.

A Beautiful Balance of Aesthetics & Functionality

Adding the right plants to your landscaping design can add decades of beauty to your property. If properly selected and planted, these additions can provide multi-season interest with colorful foliage, vibrant flowers, unique shrubs and even provide other valuable functions.

Here are a few reasons why you should add plantings to your Northern New Jersey landscape:

  • Increased Privacy. If you need privacy in your yard but don’t want to—or can’t—install a fence, turn to plantings! There’s a vast selection of trees and shrubs that can easily transform your property into a secluded retreat.
  • Added Beauty. There’s no denying that plantings, including flowers and perennials, come in a variety of beautiful sizes, dimensions, colors and scents. And by adding them to your landscape, you’re adding interest to your property that guests will be awed by, season after season.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption. Well-placed, house-hugging trees and shrubs can reduce energy consumption throughout the year. For example, greenery that’s planted on the south and west sides of your home will allow the sun to warm the house in the winter months, while providing summer shade.
  • Enhanced Habitat. Plants and animals often thrive together. When you select and place plantings in your yard, you also provide a habitat for a variety of living creatures, including butterflies and songbirds. These species attract other pollinating insects —which, in turn, help to keep your landscape healthy by fertilizing your plants.…And more!

Bringing Your NJ Landscape to Life

Whether you’re considering planting shrubs in your front yard, installing a new hedge or adding some annual color to your landscape, there are thousands of plant varieties to choose from—and it might feel overwhelming.

That’s where our experts step in to help.

At Castle Point Landscape Design, our team has the experience and expertise to select the right plants and properly install them in the right locations to beautify your property, add functionality to your landscape and increase overall property value.

Weaving shrubs, perennials, flowers and more into your landscape, we carefully select greenery that thrives in the Northern New Jersey climate—and uniquely defines your outdoor landscape design. You see, our team carefully evaluates your goals and analyzes your property’s drainage patterns, soil types, overall structure and more. Expertly recommending the best greenery to accent your landscape, our specialists base their choices on a combination of size, texture, color, growth habits, water and soil requirements, and light/climate tolerance. Together, we will bring your vision to life.

Northern NJ Plantings Services

We provide the following plantings services and offerings:

  • Foundational plantings
  • New construction installations and plantings
  • Privacy screenings
  • Shrub removal and replacement
  • Colorful plantings
  • Flowering shrubs and perennials
  • Rotational plantings
  • Annual/seasonal flowers

Turn to Castle Point Landscape Design for Plantings Services

Where should that flower bed go? Which shrubs will best accent your paver patio? Our landscape designers can answer these questions and many more with our plantings services. Not only will we help you select the right greenery, but, we will also plant them properly and ensure that they provide lasting beauty, season after season. We know that there’s nothing like having your own retreat to escape to and vibrant greenery and flowers add the perfect finishing touches to your landscape.

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