Fall Landscaping Tips: Do These 5 Things NOW…

And You’ll Be in Good Shape All Winter Long

Once again, summer has faded and the welcome smells of fall are invading our senses. The weather is getting cooler, leaves are gently falling and days are getting shorter and darker. This can only mean one thing here in Union County, New Jersey: Winter is looming. Before you know it, we’ll be donning our winter coats, strapping on our heavy boots and celebrating the holidays.

While we still have some agreeable temperatures that allow us to work outside, we’d like to provide you with some great ideas for the outdoor landscape design in your Basking Ridge, NJ, or nearby home. Check out these five great ideas that our experts say you can do right now. Then, when winter does roar into town, you’ll already be one step ahead of Mother Nature. Plus, you’ll be all set for spring 2021, too!

Commercial Snow Removal Scheduling

Here in the Northeast, snow is not particular about when it unleashes its wrath. We never know when—or how much—a good storm is going to dump on us. If you own your own business, we encourage you to schedule that snow removal service now—before it’s too late. We have the proper equipment, offer timely service, have a great reputation and are properly insured for your safety. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your snow removal service. Beat everyone else to the punch so you’re a top priority in line!

Lawn Maintenance

Take the time now to prep your lawn so it blossoms in the spring. At Castle Point Landscape Design, our team can do a thorough assessment of what your lawn needs now, saving you time and worry this spring season. We offer various types of fertilization, disease management, aeration, renovation, restoration, over-seeding and slit-seeding.

Yard Clean Up

Avoid extra work come spring by cleaning up your yard now. Better yet, call Castle Point Landscape Design to do it for you! We’ll get rid of that dead grass, collect those fallen leaves and tidy those garden beds. Whatever your yard cleanup needs may be, our landscapers can handle it.

Planting Seasonal Flowers & Greenery

Fall is the perfect time to plant certain shrubs and flowers. Some plants do much better with fall planting and thrive in cooler temperatures. If you’d like some color in your garden bed, the following are good seasonal options:

Flowers: chrysanthemums, pansies, flowering kale and aster

Shrubs: evergreens, rhododendron, crepe myrtle, hydrangea, dwarf blue-flowered chaste tree and neon flash spirea.

Landscape Lighting

Fall means darker days. Starting with Daylight Saving Time on Nov. 1, enjoying time outside on the patio becomes more challenging. However, you can extend your outdoor experience with the addition of landscape lighting. Increase your safety and take pleasure in an atmosphere with extra twinkling. We can easily design and install your outdoor lighting design—and we’ll do it from start to finish.

Get Ahead of the Winter Season: Call Us!

Whatever your home needs this fall— from lawn maintenance services to commercial snow removal in Union County and nearby, our team at Castle Point Landscape Design wants to be your go-to landscaping team! Reach out to us online today!