Fall Into Step With These Timely Landscaping Tips

Take Action Now, Thank Yourself Later

Fall is officially in full swing. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors and the days are starting to become shorter. It won’t be long before we’re bundling up and swapping our flannels for our heavier sweaters.

While the weather is still mild, it’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and spruce up your landscape design in Basking Ridge, NJ, or wherever you call home in The Garden State. Here are some things you can do now so that when temperatures really drop, you can relax and stay cozy under that nice, warm blanket instead of tending to your landscape.   

Lawn Maintenance

When it comes to your landscape, you always want to think a season or two ahead. The things you do today are going to impact how your lawn looks in the spring once the snow melts and the cold weather has subsided. This season, remember to:

  • Continue to mow your lawn until the first hard freeze.
  • Fertilize your lawn. The morning dew provides plenty of moisture to absorb the fertilizer. By doing this, you’re planting the seeds for a healthy, lush lawn come spring.
  • Aerate your lawn. During the summer, our yards tend to get much more foot traffic whether it’s the kids playing outside, guests visiting our home for a barbecue, etc. All of this activity compacts the lawn. Before the ground freezes, aerate your lawn so the soil and grass roots will receive the oxygen and nutrients they need during the winter.

Not sure exactly what your lawn needs? Our team can do a thorough assessment now to ensure a beautiful lawn next spring. We offer various types of fertilization, disease management, aeration, renovation, restoration, over-seeding and slit-seeding.

Yard Cleanup

Spruce up your yard now so it will look picture-perfect come spring. Better yet, call us to do it for you! We’ll get rid of that dead grass, collect those fallen leaves and tidy those garden beds. Whatever your yard cleanup needs may be, our landscapers can handle it.

Planting Seasonal Flowers & Greenery

Fall is a wonderful time to plant shrubs and flowers. Some plants do much better with fall planting and thrive in cooler temperatures. If you’d like some color in your garden bed, the following are good seasonal options:

Flowers: chrysanthemums, pansies, flowering kale and aster.

Shrubs: evergreens, rhododendron, crepe myrtle, hydrangea, dwarf blue-flowered chaste tree and neon flash spirea.

Landscape Lighting

Just because the sun sets earlier doesn’t mean your landscape needs to fall into the shadows. With the addition of landscape lighting, you can extend your outdoor experience and enjoy these nights before temperatures really plummet. Plus, landscape lighting adds more security and enhances your curb appeal to make your home feel even warmer and more inviting this holiday season.

Last But Not Least: Plan Ahead for Commercial Snow Removal!

Do you own a business in NJ? If so, you will definitely want to check out our blog post from last month.  

Here in the Northeast, snow is not particular about when it unleashes its wrath. We never know when—or how much—a good storm is going to dump on us. That’s why, if you own your own business, we encourage you to develop a snow removal plan now instead of waiting until the last minute when everyone is booked for the season. At Castle Point, we have the proper equipment, offer timely service, have a great reputation and are properly insured for your safety.

Coast Through the Winter With Castle Point

From lawn maintenance services to commercial snow removal in Union County and nearby, our team is here to protect your lawn and ensure your peace of mind this winter. Give us a call at 908.512.2267 or contact us online to request an on-site consultation for your NJ home.

We also want to take a moment to thank our team and our clients for another wonderful year. We are so grateful to have such a dedicated crew and so many loyal clients who continue to choose us for their landscaping needs year after year. From our family to yours, we wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving full of loved ones, laughter and, of course, delicious food!