Feast Your Eyes on This Latest Outdoor Transformation in Basking Ridge

Here’s What It Means To Make the Most of Every Square Foot

Our favorite projects are the ones that involve many moving pieces. They allow us to not only enhance a space, but to truly transform it from every angle. Such was the case for one of our most recent projects in Basking Ridge. We gave this home a complete exterior makeover down to the most minute detail. Now that we’re approaching the finish line, we want to share the details with you! This will give you a glimpse into some of the many features and luxuries you can integrate into your yard using our NJ masonry services, planting services and more.

We Put This Home in a Whole New Light

This client came to us with a detailed vision for the project. We were able to honor many of the initial specifications while introducing our own modifications based on experience. Ultimately, we were able to knock this one out of the park for our client while adding our own flavor and adjustments to the initial vision. For example, we added additional accent to a retaining wall to give the wall a more unique and personalized touch.

There are many exciting aspects of this project, but perhaps none are as glowing as the linear fire feature. This beauty will give off a six-foot-long flame that you can see from all angles. We use BTUs (British Thermal Units) to measure the amount of heat generated by a source. While the typical fireplace produces around 60,000 BTUs, this linear fire feature will produce 290,000 BTUs. So needless to say, there’s a lot of fire power behind this new amenity!  There is also a television mounted to the top of the double-sided fireplace. Guests will be able to gaze into the fire while sitting at the nearby bar, in the adjacent hot tub with a seating wall and from the couch placed right in front of the fire. Making the fireplace double-sided is a game changer for allowing everyone to enjoy the fire at once.

We also installed a full outdoor kitchen with a grill island. In addition to having plenty of cooking and storage space, this family will be able to grill all year long thanks to the heater placed above the grill. The customized grill island includes a side burner, a refrigerator, dedicated space for trash and recycling and access doors under the grill for storage. As we were working on the project, the client wanted a place to store the outdoor cushions for their couch. We created a storage area in the corner of the grill island to provide additional storage and make use of the entire feature.

We installed more than 60 lights throughout the space including the lounge areas, stairs and walkways. We’re also going to install crisscross lights above the dining area so guests can enjoy bistro-style ambient lighting whenever they choose.  

Come spring, all of the flowers that we planted will bloom and envelop the landscape in beautiful color. The client also wanted to add a crossbuck wooden fence, which we will be building and installing as the final phase of the project.

Overcoming the Challenges

As is the case with many projects, there were some challenges and roadblocks that we had to power through. The first was that we could only go 18 ft. off the back of the house. The property rests on wetlands and if we ventured beyond 18 ft., we would encounter issues with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). This meant we had to rearrange some of the features to prevent the space from looking cluttered. We made some modifications to ensure the final layout was balanced and all of the features were evenly spaced out.

The second hurdle pertained to the fire feature. We wanted to dig and put true footing in the ground for the fire feature and the bar. But once we started digging, we encountered unmarked underground stormwater management pipes. Our client didn’t have drawings which would’ve told us the structures were there, and we couldn’t move them because they’re part of the original engineered plan for the house. As a result, we had to revamp our original plan and create special foundations for the fire feature and the bar.

The beauty about these challenges and others we’ve encountered through the years is that they force us to get really creative. Things never go 100-percent according to plan, and it’s our job to find a new way to honor the promises we make to our customers.

Let’s Get the Ball Rolling On Your Project

We love sharing projects like these because they help generate inspiration for other people. Whether there was something about this project that caught your eye or you’ve been wanting to speak with a professional about your own ideas, we’d love to connect and get the conversation started. You can also check out our project gallery for even more ideas and insight into our NJ hardscaping services.

From our family to yours, we want to wish you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for allowing us to pursue our passion and help New Jersey homeowners bring their dreams to life. We are truly humbled and grateful!

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