Leaky Basement? Here’s How Drainage & Grading Can Help

Time to Put Gravity Back on Your Side

Summer rain can provide some much-needed relief for vegetation and wildlife. But when it comes to your basement, the rain can feel like an opposing force. It’s only a matter of time before your basement floods once again.

Leaky basements in NJ are a common problem. This is largely because New Jersey is a rainy state, especially during the warmer months. In fact, we were named No. 10 in the list of top 10 rainiest states during the summer!

There are several ways you can waterproof your basement and prevent structural damage to your home. One of the most natural and minimally invasive strategies is the implementation of proper drainage and grading. With this approach, you can effectively redirect water away from your home before it has the chance to seep in.

What Is Hydrostatic Pressure and Why Does It Matter?

In the movie “Titanic,” there’s a pivotal moment when the glass dome overlooking the Grand Staircase shatters. In a matter of seconds, the entire room is flooded and filled to the brim with water. The pressure of the standing water was so strong that it was able to completely shatter the glass and destroy everything in its path. Fun fact: This scene was so intense and destructive that Director James Cameron had only one chance to shoot it and get it right. Talk about pressure!

Hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure of standing water. Just as water was pushing against the glass dome in “Titanic,” it will do the same to your basement. This is why water will seep into your home through any crack or opening it can find. It also explains why, over time, water can damage your foundation and the structural integrity of your home.

Proper Drainage and Grading Prevents Standing Water

When given the opportunity, water will always flow downhill. That’s why, if your property is uneven or your home rests on a downward slope, you’re at an automatic disadvantage. Our grading and drainage services work to create a flat, even landscape that will efficiently redirect the water and prevent it from pooling on your property. This will prevent hydrostatic pressure from wreaking havoc on your home’s foundation and causing your basement to flood.

We offer a number of different solutions, depending on your situation. During an on-site consultation, we’ll take a tour of your property and point out the different improvements that can be made. Whether we recommend a drywell, drain pipes or a combination of several approaches, you can rest assured our word is backed by years of experience. We have a keen understanding of how water settles and, more importantly, how to redirect it using the power of gravity. If you’ve spent years living with a leaky basement and find yourself stressing whenever it rains, let’s see what we can do to break the spell. Keeping your basement dry through proper drainage and grading in NJ is the best way to prevent mold growth, protect your valuables and keep your home standing strong! 

Take a look at our portfolio to see some of the solutions we’ve designed and installed in the past. To request a consultation for your New Jersey home, contact us online or call Castle Point Landscape Design at 908.512.2267 today!