We’re So Grateful for Our Loyal Customers

Doing Business the Right Way Leads to Lifelong Relationships!

A job well done is a reward in itself. At Castle Point Landscape Design, we always take great pride in our work and feel rewarded at the end of every project. The smiles and gratitude shared by clients when we’ve completed their landscaping, patio design or masonry job makes all of our efforts worthwhile. In fact, it’s this quality of work that keeps loyal customers coming back to us time and time again for new landscape projects. As we recently learned, sometimes customers return 30 years later!

Yep, that’s a true story.

Back in 1989 at the age of 11, Castle Point President Steve Graul landed his very first lawn mowing job. Little did he know that it was the start of a very promising career!

“My first customer was Jeff when I was 11 years old,” Graul recalls. “I still remember my dad walking me down the street to Jeff’s house and asking if I could cut his lawn. He said ‘yes’ and I worked for him until I headed off to college. Then, we lost contact. As fate would have it, last year I ran into Jeff on the street and he told me he was moving and renovating a house in Mountainside. From that moment, Jeff became a client again! The team at Castle Point Landscape Design has been helping him transform the landscaping at his new place before his family moves in.

Jeff will tell you that he’s as pleased with his landscaping now as he was when he lived in Union 31 years ago.

“When I moved to my new home, there was only one person I considered for the job of making my home complete and Steve and his crew did not disappoint,” Jeff says. “They have done some small things that made huge improvements to our design plans. Even as the work is ongoing, my family and I look forward to our beautiful gardens.”

Great Work Leads to Great Partnerships

Reflecting on how things in life come full circle has made the team at Castle Point feel not only wistful, but also grateful for the loyal customers who hire us—especially during such uncertain times.

“This story is just a testament to how we run our business,” Graul says. “We create relationships and never really know where they’ll lead us later in life. We are very thankful for our customers, especially Jeff. Since he was my very first customer, he holds a dear place in my heart for giving me a chance when I was just a young boy.”

We’d Love to Have YOU as a Lifelong Customer, Too!

Whatever your landscaping needs, we hope you’ll keep us in mind when the time comes for your next project. We offer a wide range of landscape and hardscape services to help update and beautify your home’s property. To set up your appointment, contact us online today!