Celebrate National Lawn Care Month With These Essential Tips!

Answers to FAQs That Will Boost Your Curb Appeal!

April is the month of rebirth, especially when it comes to your lawn and property. One day, things appear dull and tired, and the next day you look out your window to see a world of new color: greener grass, colorful tree buds and bright daffodils. In just one day, your yard’s landscape has blossomed with life!

But how do you keep it this way? With over 25 years of experience, we get this question quite a bit. So, it got us thinking: What better way to celebrate National Lawn Care Month than to answer our customers’ frequently asked questions about their lawns?

Here are the top five lawn-related questions we get each spring:

FAQ No. 1: What’s the first thing I should do for my lawn in spring?

That day you look out the window and see that your grass has finally turned green is a great day. But there’s still work to do. Take a rake and start running it through your grass. Removing dead grass and debris leftover from the winter months will help promote new growth.

FAQ No. 2: Why is my neighbor’s yard greener than mine?

Ahh! Sometimes the grass truly is greener on the other side, right? Most likely, your neighbor has followed a structured fertilization plan that was carried over from last spring or fall. Lawns need lots of nutrients to stay healthy each year. Here’s our tip: Early spring is still a fine time to fertilizer your lawn. The best types of fertilizer for April would be products such as turf builders, max fertilizers or lawn food. Of course, your best plan of action is to call our team of landscapers. We’ll set you up with the perfect fertilization plan to make your grass healthy and green all year round!

FAQ No. 3: Should I be watering my lawn in early spring?

Actually, watering your lawn in the New Jersey area during spring isn’t necessary. We typically get plenty of rain throughout the month of April, so nature does the job for us. Instead, keep raking that dead grass and debris to allow for those grassroots to grow deeper into the soil.

FAQ No. 4: When should I mow for the first time?

There really isn’t a firm date. A good rule of thumb is to wait until your grass reaches about two to three inches to get the mower out for your first cut. Remember to sharpen the blades first and cut at a healthy, higher height that won’t burn the grass out.

FAQ No. 5: How can I control crabgrass and weeds?

There are many ready-to-use products on the market. When used properly, they can kill weeds and crabgrass down to the roots without affecting your lawn. Call us for more information or to set up an appointment for one of our landscapers to help!

Call Our Pros to Set Up Your Healthy Lawn Service!

At Castle Point Landscape Design, we are committed to making our clients’ yards look green, lush and beautifully healthy. If you need some help in maintaining a fresh lawn this season, give our guys a call. From weed control and fertilization to simple maintenance and mowing, we’ll have your property looking the best on the block! Contact us to schedule an appointment!