Tired of Getting Your Feet Wet?

Call Us, We’ll Make the Grade

We’ve all heard that “April showers bring May flowers.” But sometimes they bring more than that—like a big, wet mess. That’s right. April showers can create more than just a beautiful garden. In fact, those days of rain can often lead to a yard filled with giant puddles and a garden bed overrun with mud. Sound familiar? In all fairness, you can’t blame it solely on the rain—your oversaturated lawn could be the result of poor drainage and grading on your property.

For many homeowners, a lawn overrun with wet spots and puddled areas that don’t drain is simply accepted as “the way it is.” At Castle Point Landscape Design, we want you to know it doesn’t have to be that way! Our landscape designers have solutions to help get your yard back into tip-top shape.

What Can Drainage and Grading Do for You?

Spring is not the time to shrug your shoulders and give up on that goal of attaining a beautiful lawn. When you’re finally ready to fight back against that sogginess, it’s time to consider proper drainage and grading for your property. Professional grading (sometimes referred to as “yard leveling”) will preserve your landscaping, prevent extensive water damage, protect your foundation from erosion and improve your curb appeal!

But what does grading actually entail? Great question. In simple terms, professional grading is a type of architectural construction designed to drain water away from your foundation. To ensure efficient drainage, landscapers will expertly slope and grade your yard so moisture is carried away from the house and important landscaping. Depending upon the situation, specialized drains or pipes are sometimes needed to lead surface water away to a lower elevation.

As landscapers, we understand that grading and draining your property doesn’t sound like the most exciting way to spend a buck. But take it from us—the results you reap will make a huge difference in your outdoor happiness. There is no question that a well-graded yard can result in a more enjoyable summer for your family. Proper drainage will eliminate those yard puddles and mud pits and allow for greater outdoor enjoyment. We guarantee your entertaining will be utterly stress (and water)-free!

Looking for more benefits? Here are three more:

  • A drier basement
    Pools of water that don’t drain away from your home’s foundation can drastically affect the dryness of your basement. When you allow for proper grading that slopes away from your house, you will ensure a drier basement.
  • Less erosion
    Folks who regrade their lawns will retain their fertilizer and topsoil much better. A flatter space doesn’t allow for the “soil erosion” and keeps fertilizer and topsoil where it belongs—in one place—rather than sliding down a muddy embankment.
  • More usable space
    Homeowners who regrade hilly areas on their property end up having more flat space to create gardens, decks and patios.

Spring Forth and Prosper

With the spring season newly underway and April showers sprinkling the neighborhoods, now is the perfect time to manage your property’s draining and grading issues. The experts at Castle Point Landscape Design are only a phone call or email away. From correcting wet basements and problematic foundations to burying downspouts extensions and fixing saturation issues, the team at Castle Point Landscape Design can provide excellent drainage and grading services. Call us today at 908.512.2267 to schedule your landscaping appointment!