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Hardscaping: Top Trends for 2024

From Bold Colors to Sustainable Materials, Here’s What’s New!

Summer officially makes its debut this month, and with it come those glorious temps and extended daylight hours we hope will never end. So, since you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors (like, A LOT), there’s no better time than the present to tune into the top hardscaping trends of 2024! This year is sure to be exciting with unexpected uses of colors and patterns, sustainable material incorporation and biophilic designs. If that last one has you scratching your head and thinking, “Umm, bio what now?” it’s OK. Here at Castle Point Landscape Design, we are true craftsmen of hardscape design and installation in New Jersey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, more and more folks are creating outdoor spaces that are true extensions of their homes. These spaces seamlessly merge your indoor and outdoor spaces, making your home feel bigger and turning your yard, garden or patio into retreats of solitude and invigoration. And, most excitingly, 2024 looks to shake up preexisting norms of outdoor design. Without further ado, let’s get to our list of hardscaping trends that are as hot as a summer day!

  • If we may be so bold. This year is all about striking color combos and patterns—those that may have been considered too “out there” in previous years. You’ll see much less focus on neutral tones, with a shift to brighter shades, whether that be in your choice of furniture or paver stones. Also, geometric designs are all the rage for 2024 as well as the use of mixed materials, which provide texture and depth to your outdoor area.
  • Fusion isn’t just for cuisine anymore. Imagine being able to double your home’s square footage. Sign us up! Smooth transitions from home to yard are becoming increasingly popular. Extend your living space by way of pergolas or semi-covered outdoor nooks. Take a design element from your home and incorporate it into your paver design. Or spice things up and build that outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Gone are the days of questioning where to enjoy your favorite activity. The answer for 2024 is, “anywhere you want!”
  • Biophilic, deconstructed. We promised we’d explain this, and here we go! Mother Nature’s calling. Are you home? Biophilic designs aim to play into a person’s inherent affinity for nature, and this concept can easily work its way into your hardscaping. Think living walls, water features, vertical planting and the use of sustainable materials.
  • Hardscaping, but with a higher IQ. Everything’s smart these days—don’t let your hardscaping be any different! Consider the convenience of a smartphone-controlled outdoor speaker system or automated lighting and irrigation systems.
  • Attainable and sustainable. If anyone knows about green, we sure do! Using sustainable materials for 2024 is a big deal. Entertain the idea of introducing permeable pavers, organic mulch or natural stone into your open-air adventure.
  • Light the way forward. No longer is a mere porch light sufficient for your outdoor oasis! Incorporating creative lighting into your hardscaping at every turn is a great way to highlight (see what we did there?) your yard’s uniqueness and beauty. Lighting for 2024 focuses on being energy-efficient, and trends range from austere, minimalist lighting to dramatic, eye-catching statement lighting. Anything goes in 2024, especially if it’s LED or solar-powered!

Your Summer, Your Way

As you can see, 2024 leans into making your outdoor slice of heaven work for you. The choices are infinite, allowing you to create a yard that is a true reflection of yourself and your home. In addition to our hardscaping expertise, we are also the premiere choice for landscape design in New Jersey. Contact us online or call Castle Point Landscape Design at 908.512.2267 to request a free consultation for your NJ home today!