Cleaning Up the Yard—It’s a Spring Thing!

A Little Lawn Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Compared to other winters, 2023 was a mild one for New Jersey. According to a recent report released by Rutgers University, this was our second mildest winter on record. Wow! 

Whether you were thrilled or disappointed over the lack of snow, spring is well on the way. Now is the perfect time to assess our yards and welcome the new season. To celebrate the arrival of warm weather, here are some helpful tips for cleaning up your yard and getting everything in tip-top shape for the spring and summer months.

  1. Rake away. One of the first things you’ll want to do is rake the yard to remove leaves, dead grass and other debris that settled on the lawn. Doing this will help encourage the growth of new, healthy grass.
  2. Redefine the borders. Nothing makes a lawn look more tidy than crisp, clean edges. A spade, lawn edger or trimmer are tools that will help sharpen up those edges and create clean borders for the spring, summer and fall. 
  3. Prune and trim the trees and shrubs. Removing dead layers and branches from trees and plants is about more than aesthetics. Pruning encourages the plant or tree to grow more fruitfully while treating and preventing the spread of disease. 
  4. Add new mulch. Few things make a landscape appear healthier than fresh mulch. While replacing the mulch every year will result in the most vibrant, healthy-looking landscape, you can replace it every two years if you’re looking for a more low-maintenance approach.
  5. Clean hardscape features and assess your outdoor furniture. Winter isn’t always kind to our driveways, pergolas and other hardscapes. Now is the time to evaluate your property and identify any areas that need cleaning and/or correcting. Use a pressure washer to remove dirt, algae and mold and restore shine to your valuable hardscaping features. If your outdoor sectionals, chairs or tables are older and starting to depreciate, replace them to increase your curb appeal and reawaken your outdoor sanctuary.  
  6. Replant. Out with the old and in with the new! Now is the perfect time to plant dahlias, lilies, daffodils, tulips, azaleas, flowering dogwood trees and more. You can even start planting vegetables, such as peas, radishes, spinach, lettuce, carrots and beets.

We’ll Keep Your Castle Looking Pristine

We’re fortunate to live in a beautiful state that offers the calming serenity of spring. But when it comes to creating a lush and colorful landscape, we all know this doesn’t come naturally. Achieving that picture-perfect look requires a great deal of time. Time that people just don’t have or would rather spend doing other things, like relaxing with the family or traveling. Whatever the case may be, our team is happy to do the heavy lifting for you.

Whether you need lawn maintenance in Basking Ridge, Bernardsville or elsewhere in northern New Jersey, trust Castle Point to keep your lawn looking magnificent. We can handle everything from lawn fertilization to renovation and restoration. Once we’ve laid the foundation for a healthier, better-looking lawn, our landscape design services will make your yard stand out in all the right ways. We’ve been bringing out the best in NJ lawns for more than 25 years. So when we say we know landscapes inside and out, we mean it! To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for your NJ home, contact us online or call Castle Point Landscape Design at 908.512.2267 today.