6 Ways to Glamorize Your Winter Landscape

How to Take Your Yard From Bleak to Chic

There are some things in life you just can’t change. The tide. The passing of time. And if you live in New Jersey, the winter climate.

But who says winter has to be bleak? We would argue it’s a beautiful time of year, especially right after a snowfall. While we might naturally see more color during the spring, summer and fall, this doesn’t mean a gorgeous winter landscape is out of reach. Creating the picture-perfect look for your NJ landscape isn’t about waiting for the right time of year. It’s about harnessing the right tools and focal points for each season.

If you’re tired of watching your pristine landscape go dormant each winter, here are some ways you can spruce it up and keep it looking glamorous all year long.

  1. Add some extra lighting. Landscape lighting can add serenity and security to your home simultaneously. Our team has a great deal of experience installing all types of lighting, including low-voltage, spotlights, walkway illumination, highlighting, accent lighting, shadowing and more. With darkness coming earlier and earlier this time of year, lighting is one of the best and brightest ways to add outdoor flair. Since most plants go dormant this time of year, winter is the perfect opportunity to shed some light on your hardscaping. Light up the paver walkway, add lights to the pergola, string lights around the porch and in glass lanterns—the options are endless! If your winter landscape looks especially barren, it’s probably a sign that you rely too heavily on landscaping and could use some hardscaping to balance everything out. From pergolas to retaining walls to fire pits, we can point you toward the perfect hardscaping feature for your NJ property.
  2. Add window boxes. Window boxes are a great addition to any home. During the winter, you can plant ornamental grasses, mini evergreens or even edible plants such as flowering kale (which is purple) to add a spark of color. If window boxes don’t suit your style, colored pots and planters that can withstand the elements can add beautiful hues. Hearty vegetation or winter-friendly plants such as cyclamen, violas, pansies and snowdrops or camellia are great options for outdoor pots.
  3. Consider evergreens. There’s a reason why we use evergreens as our Christmas trees. Whether we’re in the midst of summer or the depths of winter, evergreens are always growing and thriving. They’re an excellent way to jazz up any winter landscape. These conifers offer blue or green needles and can add just the right amount of color to a lackluster winter scene. Even if your yard is small, dwarf versions of evergreens are another option to consider.
  4. Think red. Adding some red patches to your garden is another great idea. Consider crabapple trees and a variety of hollies that deliver red berries such as winterberry, coral berry and the “Winter King” hawthorn. Beyond the garden, a berry wreath can brighten up your door and winterize your home in a simple, easy way.
  5. Spruce up your mailbox. It might seem like a little thing, but winterizing your mailbox can go a long way!  Whether you add a new cover, adorn it with garland or paint it a beautiful winter green, decorating your mailbox is a wonderful way to embrace the season and add some additional color to your home.
  6. Add brightly colored birdhouses. Just as we seek refuge during the winter, birds and other wildlife do the same. So why not provide some shelter and brighten up your yard at the same time? Add new birdhouses and feeders to welcome new visitors and offer a nice contrast from the gray winter landscape.

Wishing You a Warm & Wonderful Holiday Season!

As 2022 comes to a close, the team at Castle Point would like to wish you and your loved ones a warm, safe and happy holiday season. Safety always comes first and we want to remind you that in addition to our landscaping and hardscaping services, we also provide commercial snow removal services throughout the winter.   

Cheers to a wonderful 2022, and we’ll see you soon in 2023!