5 Summer Garden Trends You Might Want to Try

They’ll Boost Your Curb Appeal, Too!

Landscaping is a hot commodity these days. And there’s good reason for that. After two years of staying indoors (thank you, global pandemic), homeowners are now itching to head outdoors and enjoy some well-deserved stress relief under the sun. Of course, more outdoor living means more outdoor overhauls and backyard renovations. If you’re wondering what’s trending in outdoor living this summer, we’ve got five popular ideas for you.

Top 5 Trends in Outdoor Living

Ready to become hip and trendy in your Union County, NJ, neighborhood? Pick one of these landscaping styles this summer.

Vegetable Gardens

The price of produce has certainly increased this year as inflation continues to rise. Many savvy gardeners are planting their own fruits and vegetables this year as a way to save money. And you can try this, too. Whether you want a raised garden bed or another designated garden space for your planting, the team at Castle Point can help you plan the right approach for your needs.

Indoor Living—Brought Outdoors

Expanding that indoor comfort to your outdoor patio or backyard space is what most homeowners want these days. Outdoor kitchens, pergolas, fire pits, brick pizza ovens, furniture and big screen TVs are popular trends at the moment. Some homeowners even have our team design full outdoor kitchens. Yes, it can be done! And we can design it for you, too.

The Birds and the Bees

Supporting wildlife preservation is a popular cause these days—and the birds and the bees are certainly included in this effort. This is one reason we see many area residents planting native plants in their gardens. Certain plants benefit pollinators such as bees or birds. Curious? Reach out to Castle Point to learn which native plants might be the best for your backyard oasis.

Brighten Your Space With More Light

Outdoor lights can bring a new ambience to any outdoor space. Our team can install professional landscape lighting that will accentuate your outdoor space, add security and safety and offer a calming mood in the evening. Along these same lines, homeowners are adding space heaters or motorized shades onto pavilions to add warmth and charm.

Birdbaths and Bird Feeders

Adding birdbaths and feeders to help preserve area flocks has become quite popular as well. Plus, there are a handful of shrubs and plants that offer shelter and food to birds. If you’re ready to add some new bird-friendly plants to your landscaping, we can suggest varieties that are helpful to our feathered friends.

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