Go GREEN This Year With Our 5 Tips

Stay Eco-Friendly All Season Long

From shamrocks and leprechauns to the start of spring, green is a common color during the month of March. At Castle Point, this makes us happy because we always have green on our minds. After all, we’re landscapers! So, while St. Patrick’s Day and all things green are on your mind, we wanted to cue you in on all the easy ways you can “go green” with your lawn care and garden upkeep this season. Here are five fresh ideas to keep your property eco-friendly and extra green this year.

Ready, Set—Green!

  1. Go organic. Consider alternative materials to improve your lawn or soil. There are many natural options on the market to help restore your lawn. Organic or natural fertilizers are a great alternative for people who have pets or small children or who suffer from respiratory or other health aliments that might make chemical options a risk.
  2. Think solar. Going solar is an eco-friendly way to reduce your carbon footprint and cut your utility bill. The price of solar panels is becoming more affordable and is a super way to save money. In the garden, consider using solar lights along paths and walkways.
  3. Try composting. Want to enrich that soil? Take those scraps of yard and kitchen waste to start your very own compost pile. Waste such as fruit, veggies, grains, coffee grinds, eggshells, lawn clippings and more are a great beginning. Within four to six weeks, you’ll have rich compost!
  4. Plant a rain garden. Want to reuse rain water to keep your landscaping lush and green? A rain garden might be your answer! These attractive designs channel rain water and runoff from gutters into the roots of your plants. The runoff gets released deep under your garden bed to keep soil saturated and your flowers blooming.
  5. Choose your plants wisely. Did you know that planting trees and shrubs that are native to your area helps save the planet? It’s true! Native plants don’t require fertilizers, need less pesticides and use less water because they are acclimated to the local weather and soil. Simply put, they require much less maintenance. Want to know the best native plants in the Basking Ridge area? Reach out to our team at Castle Point for a consultation or to schedule seasonal planting.

Professional Skills to Keep Your Landscape Healthy

Are you excited for spring and spending more time outdoors? The team at Castle Point is eager and ready for the spring season, too. As you prep for warmer weather and plan your property’s curb appeal, don’t forget that we can help. From installing paver walkways and patios to taking control of property maintenance and landscape design, we’re the No. 1 team of landscapers in all of Basking Ridge, NJ, and the nearby area. Reach out to us online to schedule your appointment.