Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day!

Our Six Tips Will Keep Your Buddy Safe Outside All Year

There is no question about it: We love our furry friends. In fact, according to a national survey conducted in 2020, about 85 million households own pets. That’s plenty of pet hair to vacuum! But it also amounts to a great deal of treats being consumed each and every day.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cat or a dog lover. You always want the very best for your furry friend. At Castle Point Landscape Design, we’re pet owners, too. So, we can appreciate the loving bond you share. And since Feb. 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, we thought it was only appropriate to share six ways you can celebrate and show your buddy some love—especially when it comes to prepping your outdoor space.

To protect your bestie from outdoor harm and accidents, follow these six tips to help keep Fido and Fluffy safe during every season.

  1. Make a safe space.
    Hot patios can burn paws and some varieties of mulch can be toxic. Prevent accidents by creating a special place just for your pet. Perhaps a spot under a tree where there is plenty of shade or even a special house just for your buddy where there is always fresh water and lots of toys.
  2. Know thy plants.
    When landscaping, it’s important to know that some outdoor plants can be poisonous to animals. Cyclamen, oleander, mistletoe and English Ivy are just a few that can be poisonous to dogs, while aloe vera, amaryllis and daffodils are harmful to cats. Be certain to plant pet-friendly foliage so you can protect your best friend from danger.
  3. Keep compost areas blocked off.
    If you compost to keep your garden soil fresh and nutrient-rich, remember to keep this area far from your pets. Moldy food, coffee grounds and certain types of garden fruits and vegetables that you use can be harmful to dogs and cats. For added safety, block off your compost pile with a pet-friendly fence.
  4. Store tools in your shed.
    Always put tools and lawn equipment away after use—especially sharp garden tools that could cause damage if left lying around. Dogs can be especially curious when they’re left outside to wander and can easily get injured on lawn equipment that is accessible.
  5. Choose pet-friendly mulch.
    Not all mulch is created equal. In fact, cocoa mulch is one type that smells very good to dogs, but can cause serious health problems. If you mulch areas where your pets frequent, stick to more pet-friendly varieties such as cedar, hemlock bark or shredded pine. 
  6. Reduce flea and ticks.
    Fleas and ticks can’t hang out if there aren’t places for them to hunker down. Keep brush, shrubs and other foliage neatly trimmed and cut back each season. This leaves no room for those nasty little pests to set up shop. Also, providing your pet with proper flea and tick treatment is a great plan!

It’s Time to Put Some SPRING in Your Step!

OK, so we may be jumping the gun just a tad, but spring will be here before you know it. Once you have a safety plan for your pet, it’s time to start thinking about your lawn and landscape! Don’t procrastinate and wait for the warm weather to arrive! Call the team at Castle Point Landscape today to set up your spring cleaning, lawn trimming or to schedule a free estimate for that outdoor patio you’ve always wanted.