Make Your Landscape Wish List

We’ll Check It Twice for the New Year

December is in full swing! As we marvel at the festive lights, wrap our gifts and enjoy holiday parties, we also have to battle chilly temperatures. In fact, we’d be lying if we said we don’t look forward to spring’s warmer weather on certain winter days! If you’re one of our “fair weather friends,” we know you’re already thinking about that first adult beverage on the patio when the balmy, spring climate hits. So, it got us thinking. What better way to prepare for spring than by putting landscaping wishes on your Christmas list now!

If any of our property maintenance offerings are on your wish list for the new year, we’d love to help.

Empty garden

Apologies to Elton John, but do you have an empty garden that’s never been cultivated? How about hiring us for some professional spring planting? We’d be happy to offer ideas, free estimates and even suggest specific plants and flowers that will best suit your empty garden space.

Patchy grass

Do you have a patch in your lawn where grass has trouble growing? The problem could be deeper than dry ground or aggressive roots. Our landscapers can identify the issue and offer solutions. Hire us for regular lawn care throughout the season and your grass will always be greener!

Limited backyard seating

Wishing you could entertain a large group, but you don’t have an adequate outdoor setting? Say no more! Patio installation is one of our specialties. Plus, we can create a beautiful backyard oasis for you. From patios, paver walkways, retaining walls and more, our masonry experts can design a space with additional seating and amazing curb appeal.

Dark yard or garden

You might not know that Castle Point Landscape Design also offers professional lighting for your outdoor space. It’s true! Our outdoor lighting services can improve your home’s safety and security with a variety of options.  Choose from low-voltage systems, uplighting, path lighting, shadow lighting and so much more. Whatever you desire, our team can brighten up your yard and create a stunning impact you will simply adore.

Oversaturated lawn

Wet lawns can be a real pain for homeowners. Sadly, many just deal with it, never realizing there are actually solutions. If your yard is affected by poor drainage and oversaturation, we can fix it! We offer professional drainage and grading services that can nip those wet lawns in the bud.

No free time for yardwork

Are your springs and summers filled with coaching your kids’ sports team? Or traveling with the family? Turn to us for property maintenance that includes weekly lawn mowing, trimming, cleanup and weeding!

Happy Holidays from Castle Point!

As the weather turns colder and the snow falls, don’t forget that spring will be here before you know it. If you’d like to plan ahead for those backyard barbecues, Castle Point is happy to help get you started. Visit us online today and tell us your spring wishes. From new patio installation and paver walkways to lawn care and lawn maintenance, we are only a mouse click away!