Top 10 End-of-Summer Landscape Tips!

They’ll Save You Time Next Spring

When it comes to seasons, summer definitely has our vote. After all, what’s not to love about the warm, sunny season? Sure, here at Castle Point Landscape Design, we might be a little biased, since summer is our busiest season. But we know it can be a hectic time for our customers, too. Between owning a home, working full time and trying to fit in a family vacation, life is busy. And sometimes the care your property needs can suffer at the hands of your busy lifestyle. Never fear, though, because Castle Point is here! To help ease the transition from summer into fall and to prepare your lawn and garden for next summer, we’re offering 10 simple property and lawn care tips.

  1. Pamper your lawnmower.
    By the end of the mowing season, your lawnmower probably needs a tune-up. Make an appointment to get the blades sharpened, oil changed and spark plugs checked so you’re all set next year.
  2. Begin some light pruning.
    Do a little light pruning at the end of the summer. This is an especially good idea for rose bushes and flowering shrubs because it helps promote additional growth and blooms.
  3. Repair lawn damage.
    Got dogs? If so, you may have holes, burned-out lawn spots or garden damage. Take some time to fill holes and repair unhealthy lawn patches. Need to keep pets out of a certain garden bed? Now is the perfect time to install a fence. Plus, it’s another service our team can handle for you!
  4. Rid your yard of pests.
    Is there anything more annoying than garden pests? Investigate your garden beds and lawn for grubs and insects. If you notice grubs, treat them now with safe pesticides, so you’ll have fewer uninvited guests next summer.
  5. Aerate your lawn.
    Want the greenest lawn on the block next spring? The summer sun can make your lawn hard, dry and compact. Consider aerating your lawn before fall to allow water, nutrients, air and fertilizer to reach grass roots.  The process will open up the soil and allow for better growth.
  6. Be smart when watering.
    Lawns and plants do best when watered early in the morning. Because midday watering (when it’s hot) can evaporate the water, stick to early morning hours.
  7. Don’t forget those weeds.
    Weeding is essential at the end of the summer season so your garden beds are blank slates next year. Talk to your lawncare provider about the best way to combat excessive weeds. (Hint: That’s us. We have great tips!)
  8. Collect yard waste and trimmings.
    A good yard cleanup is always a good idea before fall arrives. Be sure to rake grass clippings, pick up dead leaves and gather any other yard waste that has accumulated.
  9. Mow grass on a higher setting.
    As the summer rolls to an end, start trimming “less off the top” of your lawn. This can be done by setting your mowing blade higher, so less grass is trimmed. This will help protect roots and allow for better growth, too.
  10. Fertilize trees/shrubs.
    For a plush, green, blooming garden next year, fertilize shrubs and trees once summer ends. With proper fertilizer, your trees will have the nutrients they need to stay healthy and thrive. If you’re not sure what type of fertilizer is best for your plants, give our team a call. We’ll be happy to offer our professional opinion!

Get a Jump-Start on Next Summer—Now!

If you need end-of-summer property maintenance or lawn care, the team at Castle Point Landscape Design is here to help. We can provide assistance with all of the tips listed above and more, including hardscaping, fencing, and even landscape lighting. Visit us online and send us a message if you have any questions!