Delight Mom With a Garden Full of Colorful Blooms

Enjoy Gorgeous Scenery All Season!

May is all about Mom. And every year on Mother’s Day, we enjoy showering her with bouquets of roses and pots of colorful plants (think mums for mom!) to show her how much we appreciate her. But why limit this love for Mom to just one day? Instead, extend that appreciation all season long by giving her, not just a bouquet of flowers, but an entire garden of fanciful blooms and a landscape she can be proud to display.

What’s that? You don’t have a green thumb? No worries. The team at Castle Point Landscape Design has your back. We’re not only experts at landscape design, but we’re also very adept at filling your garden beds with the perfect plants, shrubs and perennials.

If providing Mom with some extra landscaping care is on your Mother’s Day list, Castle Point wants to help. Here are three ways we can help boost curb appeal and make Mom smile all spring.

1. Landscape design

At Castle Point, we look at landscape design as an art form. We take great pride in crafting outdoor spaces that are beautiful, functional and will endure for years to come. When it’s time to update your property’s appeal, we offer solutions that will make your yard shine. From pavers and retaining walls to ground cover plantings and seeding, we can make even the most boring landscape come to life. Simply call us for a consultation, share your ideas and we’ll design the landscape of your dreams.

2. Professional planting

Did Mom end up with a surplus of plants for Mother’s Day? Call our experts for professional planting and we’ll place them carefully in her garden beds! Our team can also add pops of color and greenery to an otherwise dull garden. We know just the right flowers for sunny spots, shady areas, dry ground, wet ground and more. We can even select and place plantings in your yard that provide a habitat for a variety of living creatures, including butterflies and songbirds. These species attract other pollinating insects, which, in turn, help to keep your landscape healthy by fertilizing your plants. Just tell us your ideas—and we’ll make them a reality.

3. Lighting & Ambience

Add some style and class to your garden beds with professional landscape lighting. We can transform any backyard spot into a twinkling oasis. Once you decide on the effect you want your lighting to create, we can get to work and add any of the following: uplighting, area lighting, shadowing, path lighting, accent lighting or highlighting. Professional lighting adds beauty and provides extra safety, security and curb appeal, too!

Boost Curb Appeal Today—Call Our Team!

Summer is almost here. Don’t wait to get those garden beds in shape! Have your landscaping upgraded and your lawn tended. We offer a wide range of landscaping, hardscaping and lawn maintenance services to make your property the greenest and most talked about on the block! Reach out to us today!