Eye-Catching Patio Perfections for Fall Entertaining

Make Fresh Hardscaping Ideas Your Goal This Season

There’s a hint of autumn in the air these last few weeks, which means a few things. Summer will soon merge into fall, leaves will begin to change color, and temperatures will begin to drop. But there’s more than colorful leaves and cooler weather to awaken our senses this month. For homeowners who enjoy outdoor cooking, the tantalizing aroma of cheeseburgers on the grill could have you drooling. Here’s why: Sept. 18 is National Cheeseburger Day, which means we recommend spending some time cooking on your patio this month to honor an American tradition.

Before you start the fall grilling season, let us ask you this: Is your patio or backyard prepared for entertaining? Or would serving up some cheeseburgers in your outdoor space embarrass you? If you’re feeling like your outdoor area is a tad on the dull side and could benefit from some spicy upgrades, say no more. We’ve got five great ideas to help perk up that patio.

5 Cool Ways to Jazz Up Your Patio Space

Try one of our five great ideas!

Add a fire pit.

Don’t settle for a prepackaged fire pit kit from the local hardware store. At Castle Point Landscape Design, our masonry experts can construct an authentic stone fire pit to match your home’s style. Add one to your current patio or have us create a separate patio—just for fire pit entertaining. Not sure what style would match your décor? No problem! Our masons can easily recommend the perfect style to match your architecture. Check out some of our creations here.

Install a paver walkway that leads to your entertaining area.

Paver walkways are eye-catching ways to direct guests to where all the fun is. With today’s colors and various options, it’s a super way to add flair to any dull backyard space.

Consider a stone retaining wall.

Retaining walls add wonderful curb appeal to your home. In addition, they also help designate different areas of your patio. We can design one to separate patio areas for dining, fire pit enjoyment and even grilling stations. If you love raised flowerbeds, we can create garden beds atop your walls, too. There are so many ideas and options that will add pizazz to your extended living space! Just ask us for our thoughts and we will share!

Update that boring concrete slab to a paver patio.

If there’s one thing we know about, it’s paver patios. Say goodbye to a boring concrete slab and invest in a gorgeous paver patio to entertain family and friends. These solid additions require very little maintenance and can brighten up your entire yard.

Love pizza? Build an outdoor pizza oven.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own brick pizza oven? Well, dream no more because the team at Castle Point can build an outdoor pizza oven of your very own! Wow your neighbors and bake your very own cheesy delight with a specially designed outdoor pizza oven.

Dazzle Your Friends With a New Backyard Addition

Don’t miss out on the excitement of outdoor fall fun. If you’re ready to upgrade your patio or outdoor grilling space, give our experts a call today. We offer free estimates and are more than happy to schedule your appointment today. Contact us here.