Got Dogs? Don’t Forget These 10 Safety Tips When Landscaping!

Your Reward Will Be Plenty of Healthy Tail Wags

According to a 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, 85 million U.S families own pets. That’s roughly 67% of our population. And wrapped inside that number is the fact that 78.2 million of those people are dog owners. Wow! That’s a whole lot of pet hair. Are we right? Reading these statistics proves one thing: Homeowners love their pets! So, it’s only right to consider those furry family members when updating your home both indoors and out.

Here are 10 simple ideas to help keep your best friend safe so you can both enjoy your outside space all summer long.  

1. Add some lattice.

Is your deck a few feet off the ground? Does your dog enjoy bellying underneath and digging up your lawn? Prevent this from happening by adding some decorative lattice underneath the deck. It’s attractive and solves the problem of those curious, digging mutts!

2. Consider wire cages for plants.

If Fidois after your shrubs or vegetable garden, purchase some wire cages to protect your new growth. It protects your greenery not just from nibbling but from pet urine, too.

3. Install a patio.

Want to create a nice, cool space for both you and your dog? Look no further than a new paver patio. Install one underneath your shadiest trees and you and your sidekick will have a cool space to hang out together all summer.

4. Take control of urine spots.

One way to solve grassy urine spots is by opting for non-traditional grass. More durable grass blends like bluegrass, Kentucky bluegrass or even clover are much tougher than typical grass. These types withstand urine much better, reducing the risk of stains. Of course, there’s always synthetic turf, too, for pet owners who have multiple dogs. Not only does this stuff prevent staining, it deters dogs from digging and drastically cuts back on mowing!

5. Think outside the grass box.

If excessive digging and pet stains are a huge problem in your yard, consider forgoing grass altogether. You can choose smooth stones to landscape certain areas or even create a designated “potty area” for your pups right on the stones. If stones aren’t your style, consider mulch. You can easily create a “dog area” out of mulch—and options such as cedar mulch actually act as a natural bug repellent, too. So, you can help fight off those annoying fleas and ticks, too!

6. Go pet-friendly with fertilizers.

If you’re fertilizing, be sure to choose all-natural, organic, pet-friendly applications. And always keep pets inside while your applications are drying on your lawn—regardless of the type.

7. Avoid poisonous plants.

Did you know there are certain flowers that are poisonous to dogs specifically? If your pooch is a bit of a sniffer or nibbler, avoid planting the following: chrysanthemums, dahlias, iris, lily of the valley, peony, begonias and hydrangeas. Your dog thanks you!

8. Build a doghouse.

Here’s a no-brainer: If you don’t want Spot to ruin lawns or chew plants, then build him his very own house! This way, he has a designated, special place to go. You can even have our team of landscapers build a small fence around his little dog domain.

9. Install a fence.

Adding a fence is another great way to designate what area is yours and what area is your dog’s. Castle Point offers a wide range of fencing options and can easily install one to perfectly fit your home, too.

10. Create a new path.

Consider calling our team to install a new paver walkway! This is a great idea to cover up worn areas where your pet may have trampled down your lawn. A new walkway will not only look pretty, but it will provide your pup with solid footing under his paws.

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