Drain Away Those Soaked Yard Worries!

Solve Wet Lawns With Professional Drainage and Grading

New Jersey homeowners are counting down the days until spring. In fact, after a fairly wet winter, some residents are cursing the damage all the excessive rain has done to their lawn and landscape. But don’t fret! March is the perfect time to tackle any drainage and grading issues your property may be exhibiting.

Solving saturated lawn problems now—in early spring—will allow you to enjoy a dry yard for successful entertaining all summer long. And the landscape architects at Castle Point Landscape Design are just the crew to help.

Drainage and Grading Solutions That Work

For many homeowners, saturated lawn areas can be annoying and frustrating. A wet property often leads to a variety of problems, including soggy basements, puddled lawns, ruined garden beds and muddy footprints that get tracked indoors by people and pets.

Fortunately, we have solutions that help. Call us to correct your wet drainage issues. Our team of landscape architects offers the following:

Foundation repair

If your home has cracks in the foundation, water can seep into these cracks and pool in your basement. We will investigate your foundation for cracks and seal all necessary areas—so your basement stays bone dry.

Drainpipes and drain well installations

Let us redirect water away from your foundation using drainpipes and drain well installations. These solutions collect water in one area and send rainwater back where it belongs—to the streets!

Professional grading

Have you noticed water pooling in one spot? We can evaluate your lawn and then structure—or restructure—land so that water is redirected away from your foundation.

Downspout burials and extensions

Give stormwater a place to go! Our downspout burials and extensions can direct rainwater away from your home and prevent it from causing additional problems.

Low spot grading fixes

Low spots are going to collect moisture and create puddles. We can add soil to these spots or construct retaining walls to level out areas and solve water pooling.

Surface drains

Our surface drain systems will maintain your landscape, protect your property value and shield your home from contaminated rainwater.

Gutter run-off

If your gutters are clogged or they aren’t properly fitted to your home, you’ll experience gutter runoff and have water collected at the end of your spouts. We can correct these errors with proper drainpipes that divert rainwater away from paved areas and toward storm drains.

Stay Dry and Enjoy Your Yard All Season

Don’t let an oversaturated lawn ruin your spring entertaining. Instead, safeguard your property with drainage and grading solutions by calling our team of experienced landscapers. We have drainage experts who can identify the source of the excess water, evaluate your property and solve the problems that are associated with it. Questions? Visit us online and schedule an appointment today.