10 Tips for the Greenest Lawn on the Block This Spring

These Do-It-Yourself Tricks Are Sure-Fire Winners

Of all four seasons, spring is probably the most anticipated—especially in the New Jersey region. After months of cold, bitter temps and mounds of wet snow, Union County residents are eager to welcome spring with open arms and huge smiles. And with spring just around the corner, lawn care should be foremost in every homeowner’s mind.

The upcoming season means more time spent outside with the kids and lots of weekends entertaining neighbors on the patio. With these things in mind, shouldn’t your lawn be as fresh and healthy as possible?

Yes, it should.

How do you ensure that your lawn will be its greenest once spring finally arrives? We’re glad you asked. Our landscape experts have 10 tips to help you grow the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood this spring.

1. Prep your lawn.

The first thing you should do each spring is rake any dead grass (also called thatch) and treat any bald spots with quality lawn soil. Lay down grass seed on the bare spots and water thoroughly.

2. Choose the best grass for New Jersey.

If you’re seeding your lawn with new grass, be sure to choose the type that will grow best in New Jersey. Top choices for Somerset County and the surrounding areas include Kentucky blue grass, turf-type tall fescues and perennial ryegrass.

3. Fertilize properly.

Purchase premium lawn fertilizer and follow a strict fertilizing schedule. Always be sure to water your lawn regularly once you spread fertilizer. There’s actually a bit of a science to this process. So, if you need assistance, our landscapers are only a phone call away.

4. Plant trees that offer shade.

Obviously, it take years to appreciate the benefits of planting a tree. But once it’s grown, a tree produces shade for years to come—allowing grass to grow green and healthy.

5. Mow properly.

How does your neighbor’s lawn always look so perfectly mowed and green? It’s all about the cut. Set your mower blades at a height that won’t cut your grass too short. Mowing too low will not only kill grass roots, but will allow weeds to blossom and take over your lawn, too.

6. Add a walkway.

Our team of landscape designers can reduce the foot traffic on your lawn by installing a new stone paver walkway. Keep grass healthy by directing guests to use your new pathway rather than stepping on your lawn.

7. Apply weed control.

Attacking weeds right away in the springtime is the best plan of defense to keep them away all summer. Choosing a good herbicide will do the trick. You also can put the kids to work digging out those nasty dandelions!

8. Sharpen mower blades.

Don’t cut your lawn with dull mower blades. It only dries out the grass and leads to unhealthy growth.

9. Fertilize again in the fall.

Placing a fertilizer down again in the fall will result in a healthier, greener lawn the following spring. Choose a fall or winter protector that will repair the summer damage and set up new root growth for spring.

10. Aerate your lawn.

Not every lawn needs to be aerated. But if your lawn gets heavy use from kids or pets, is newly constructed or dries out too quickly, it could be a good candidate. We can do an assessment and let you know the perfect times for this step—usually once in the spring and once in the fall.

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