4 Outdoor Jobs Homeowners Forget About During Fall

Don’t Worry! Our Team Can Do Them—and Do Them NOW

As the temperatures dip and the days become shorter, homeowners tend to spend less time outside and begin neglecting their outdoor landscaping. After all, winters in New Jersey can be bitterly cold and snowy. However, we are here to tell you that late fall and winter is no time to forget about your outdoor space. In fact, there are four jobs our expert landscapers at Castle Point Landscape Design can do for you during this most wonderful time of year. Let us shed some light.

By taking advantage of these popular services we offer at this time of year, you can get your property in shape now so you can enjoy it again when the warmer season returns!


Fall is the perfect time to consider fencing installation. Fences add great curb appeal and will set up your landscaping nicely for the upcoming spring season. Whether you’re looking for more privacy, security, safety or a simple property line designation, fencing is always a smart investment for your home. Today’s fencing market offers a wide range of options, including vinyl, aluminum, wood and more. You’re sure to find the material and design that will match your architectural style.

Fall Yard Cleanup

Once the leaves start to fall and some plants start to die back, looking at your outdoor property can be daunting. Are we right? Well, say no more. Our landscapers offer fall and spring cleanups as part of our property maintenance services. If you’re a homeowner in need of some fall yard work, give us a call. Plus, we can return in the spring for seasonal cleanup, trimming and weekly lawn mowing.


Improve your curb appeal and update your patio’s ambience with the addition of some attractive outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting will enhance safety and security and lengthen those fall and winter evenings spent outside. Whatever your lighting wishes, we do it all. We offer uplighting, accent lighting, highlighting, path lighting, shadowing and basic area lighting. Give us call to discuss the best option for your home.

Commercial Snow Removal

Don’t forget to schedule your commercial snow removal now. Our appointment book is already filling up with local business clients, but we still have a few more spots open. Timing is everything! Plan your snow removal now so you have total peace of mind in the midst of a New Jersey storm.

Think Spring! It’ll Get You Through the Winter!

OK, we realize it’s only November. But with the holidays on the horizon and the New Year within sight, spring will slip into our lives before we know it. If you’re thinking of adding property or lawn maintenance to your holiday wish list, why wait? Tell your loved ones you’d like Castle Point Landscape Design on your list this year. We proudly offer Northern NJ, homeowners comprehensive lawn care services, including fertilization, disease management, renovation, aeration, over-seeding and slit seeding. Put us on your calendar for the spring—and impress your neighbors with the greenest lawn on the street. Contact us today with your questions and check out the variety of landscaping options we offer.