How to Avoid a Poor Installation Job!

That’s Easy—Call Castle Point Landscape Design

Enjoying your own beautiful paved patio or private stone walkway is a true homeowner’s dream. On cool, fall evenings, there is nothing better than relaxing on your private patio with family and friends while soaking in the night air. Sound enticing? We think so, too! If you’re considering adding to your backyard oasis with a new paver patio or walkway, you will want to enjoy it consistently for years to come—with no surprises. Right?


Unfortunately, for some homeowners, that “enjoying it for years to come” factor is often ruined by faulty installation. Taking shortcuts on the road to installing the patio of your dreams should never be an option. A proper paver job needs to be handled skillfully, professionally and with guidelines set by the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute). If it’s not, you could end up with an avalanche of problems down the road, including paver gaps, unruly weeds, ants, edge roll-offs, sunken spots that can cause puddles and so much more.

Don’t take chances with your outdoor dreams. Call on our landscape experts at Castle Point Landscape Design to get it done perfectly the first time. Here’s a brief outline of how we prepare and install pavers—so your patio is guaranteed for the duration.

1. We start with proper excavation. This includes digging as recommended by ICPI standards based on soil type and wide enough to create a base that extends at least 6 inches on all sides beyond the finished footprint of the patio. This approach creates a level shelf for constructing and installing the pavers properly.

2. Next, we put down a heavy geotextile fabric as a stabilizer. This helps separate the soil from the fresh stone on top and reinforces the base material in the cross section to give it added bearing strength. Basically, it helps ensure our base is as strong and stable as possible.

3. After putting down the geotextile, we apply compactable base material such as quarry process stone (crushed stone/stone dust mixed). This mixture is added in layers.

4. Concrete sand—an essential for pavers—is our next step. We do not use stone dust that has flat particles, which aren’t durable like concrete sand and aren’t ICPI standard.

5. It’s time for the fun part—putting the pavers in place!

6. Once the pavers are in place, we use an edge restraint made out of PVC to prevent any movement. Plastic edges are placed along the paver perimeter to hold the edges of all of the pavers together. We then add a 10-inch spike every single foot to ensure there will be no movement or shifting.

7. As an added level of protection, we vibrate polymeric sand into the pavers to further stabilize the structure. This prevents weeds, ants or gaps from forming and keeps everything in place.

We Provide Peace of Mind—All You Do Is Enjoy Your New Patio!

Our team of exceptional landscapers has one goal: to leave you 100 percent satisfied with each and every job we perform. Choose us to be your landscape partner and we’ll protect your investment by doing the job right from day one. Ready to bring your patio paver vision to life? Contact us online and let us know how we can make your landscaping dreams come true.