8 Ways a Retaining Wall Can Benefit Your Property

You’ll Be the Envy of All the Neighbors

New Jersey’s countryside has plenty to offer in terms of seasonal beauty, colorful flowers and eye-catching sights—especially when it comes to beautifully landscaped properties. For instance, have you ever driven past an artfully landscaped estate and noticed a gorgeous retaining wall in the middle of a yard? They’re stunning and hard to miss. It makes you wish you had one, right?

Well, you can!

Retaining walls are not only gorgeous additions to any outdoor space, but they add property value and are environmentally functional, too. If you’ve ever considered installing a retaining wall or wondered how one can benefit your landscape, Castle Point Landscape Design can certainly help! And now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment for installation. Still on the fence? Perhaps we can help you decide.

A Wall of Fame for Your Landscaping

It’s time to stop envying all those homes with exquisite retaining walls. Add one of your own to enhance curb appeal. Here are eight reasons you should do it.

  1. They define entertainment areas. Want to create a statement in your yard? A retaining wall is perfect for blocking off areas designated for entertaining, while simultaneously making your space look extra sharp.
  2. They add aesthetic appeal. Be that home that passersby strain their necks to admire.
  3. They increase your property value. Just like a new patio or a modern deck, a new stone wall increases the resale value of your home!
  4. They add functional space to your yard. Do you have an outside area that is tough to landscape? Create a terrace using a sequence of retaining walls to add more functional space!
  5. They are the easy answer to sloped properties. Build a retaining wall to fix that sloped property! Level out the slope with a raised garden bed disguised as a beautiful, natural stone wall!
  6. They are low maintenance. Once your retaining wall is installed, it requires very little upkeep.
  7. It protects your yard and adds support. A retaining wall does a great job of keeping soil in place and preventing erosion caused by excessive rain.
  8. They assist in flood prevention. They prevent damage to property and surrounding structures—especially when you don’t have enough trees and shrubs to help keep soil in place naturally.

Put Your Landscape Dreams in Our Expert Hands

Call our team of landscaping professionals when you’re ready to install a retaining wall or a stone garden wall. We will help you select the very best materials for your needs and then build you a wall that adds sophistication and environmental function to your property. Feel free to visit us onlinewith any questions!