Envisioning Spring Dreams?

Add Them to Your Holiday Wish List

The month of holiday chaos is in full swing. But as long as you don’t let the days slip away, there’s still time to add some special items to your wish list. As you consider your holiday dreams and hopes, you don’t need to think of cold and snow. Instead, why not think spring? There are plenty of fantastic ideas to unwrap now and enjoy in the spring—as long as you start planning today!

That’s right. Your holiday wish list can include those outdoor upgrades you’ve always dreamed about. At Castle Point Landscape Design, we’d love to help you plan a beautiful new outdoor addition so your warm weather entertaining will be unforgettable. Here’s how our landscapers can help you plan for a grand unveiling this spring.

Winter Additions to Enjoy When Spring Arrives!

Believe it or not, the landscapers at Castle Point Landscape Design can easily install backyard creations during the colder months. Our skilled experts can suggest, design and build amazing additions to improve backyard space. So, if you come into some holiday cash—or you’ve simply been saving all year long—consider upgrading that boring backyard now so you can enjoy it as soon as the weather breaks.

Here’s what the team at Castle Point can do for you:

  • Lighting. While lighting is a great accent to add any time of the year, it’s especially elegant during daylight savings time when there are extra hours of darkness. Walkway lighting, pathway lighting, uplighting and even shadowing are all beautiful ways to enhance patios or front garden spaces.
  • Front walkways. Our skilled landscapers can help you impress your friends with a brand new front walkway. Tell us your requests and we’ll suggest and design a beautiful welcoming path with whatever color, pattern and design you choose.
  • Backyard patios. Looking for a custom-paver backyard patio? We will beautify your outdoor area with a spectacular creation that will wow your friends.

But wait, there’s more! Other options to consider now that you can utilize your space all year include:

  • Outdoor pizza ovens
  • Firepits
  • Grill islands

All of these creations can transcend a boring old patio into a fantastic outdoor entertaining oasis! And our landscapers are just the talent you need to complete such a grand task before spring.

Think Warm Thoughts Now!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’d like to surprise your significant other with a backyard creation this holiday or you simply need design ideas to take the next step toward creating an amazing outdoor escape, we want to help. Contact Castle Point Landscape Design for tips and ideas by visiting us online today!