Hot Dog! Summer Has Arrived!

Time to Beautify That Grilling Spot

There is no denying it. July has arrived. And along with warmer weather and longer days, she brings with her a couple of honorary titles. So, get those appetites ready because all month long we will be eating as we celebrate National Grilling Month and National Hot Dog Month!

If these honors don’t lend themselves to some outdoor entertaining, than we’re not sure what does. To celebrate July in full food fashion, you’re going to want to throw some dogs on that patio grill. But is your outdoor grilling space and lawn area suitable for entertaining the neighbors?

No worries if it’s not. That’s where Castle Point Landscape Design comes into play. Let us spruce up that patio and adjoining lawn with our expert design and skill.

Find Your Sunny Spot

If you’re going to be grilling burgers and dogs for your neighbors, you need a decent cooking area and a well-manicured lawn. Here are three ways Castle Point Landscape Design can create a perfect oasis on your property:

Upgrade the Grill Zone. Looking to turn some heads? Let us add a paver patio to your outdoor eating space. We can help you design the pattern and choose the best color scheme to match any additional outdoor décor. Our experts are even adept at building garden or natural stone walls should you want to add some extra privacy or division to your newly designed cocktail area. For an added dash of pizzazz, you might even consider extending that patio into an adjoining beautiful stone walkway. There is nothing more welcoming to a guest than a walkway that leads directly to a beautiful patio space where they can eat and relax with friends!

Build a Fire Pit. Fire pits are a terrific conversation piece when it comes to socializing with friends. And they can be utilized all year round. Our masonry experts have years or experience when it comes to creating and installing outdoor hardscapes. If you’ve ever wanted to reinvent your outdoor area with the feel of a cozy, warm atmosphere, a fire pit is the way to go. Once again you can choose the color, size and texture you desire. Just tell us your preference and our professionals will construct the fire pit of your dreams.

Invest in Professional Lawn Care. If you’re going to have the most eye-catching grilling spot and the hottest fire pit on the street, you’re going to want a perfectly green lawn to go with it. No more wishing and dreaming about a weed-free, lush yard. Call Castle Point Landscape Design and we will give it to you! Our lawn experts do much more than just mow your lawn. Our professionals are trained landscapers who consider the bigger picture when it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn. From plant patterns, climate and light conditions to fertilization and soil types, we can keep your grass and surrounding landscaping bright and lavish all year long with expert knowledge and care.

Sit Back, Relax and Grill

With all these alluring backyard options, it’s going to be tough to say no to some fun, new upgrades. So we say…don’t! Instead, say yes! Contact Castle Point Landscape Design online today, or call 908.512.2267 to schedule an appointment for your new additions. We’ll have your patio “grill ready” in no time so you can still celebrate July with lots of hot dogs (and burgers)!