Spring into Action With New Landscaping

Plus, Get Extra Insurance with Castle Point Warranties

You can almost smell it—spring is in the air! The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter and the doldrums of winter are fading away by the minute. With all this revival on the way, it’s tough to control your excitement about the warmer weather. Don’t suppress that delight. Throw your joy into spring landscape planning with Castle Point!

5 Ways to Prepare for Spring Landscaping

As exciting as outdoor planning can be, it can’t be accomplished without the proper prep work. Before the seasons change and you forge ahead with your professional landscaping designs, take time to prep your yard and garden areas. Here are five great measures to complete before you call that landscaper:

  • Do your research. Like any major project, prior to starting your design, you’ll want to be fully prepared. If you’re choosing a plant or tree that’s new to you, be sure you understand its soil and sun requirements. And make sure it’s partial to your region. 
  • Consider pets and wildlife. Pet owners know the wear and tear their furry friends take on a fresh lawn or a nicely manicured garden. Wildlife can also cause yard damage. If you anticipate insects, small rodents or other wildlife may infiltrate your yard, plan accordingly with mesh fencing or other insect repellent shrubs.
  • Be an architect. Draw a map of your design so you (and your landscaper) know exactly what you have in mind. Mapping out your plan leaves little to chance and smaller room for error.
  • Do the grunt work. It’s never fun, but yard cleanup prior to starting is also key. You’ll want to pull weeds, address stubborn roots and pick up old sticks and leaves. A clean slate for your new project will make the addition of new planting much easier.
  • Take sunny inventory. If planting flowers, learn which types require sun and which prefer shade. Next, take note of which yard areas are wet and which are dry. Don’t forget to plan accordingly when you plant.

Great Landscapes, Even Better Warranties

Once your prep work is completed, the fun part begins—call us! The expert team at Castle Point Landscape Design is passionate about beautiful outdoor living spaces and is happy to help with your garden design and landscaping ideas. From planting and fencing to hardscape design and masonry, we guarantee you will love our work. In fact, we’re so certain that we back our hard work with warranties.

Here’s what we offer:

Plant Warranty

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your new foliage die in a beautiful new garden space. At Castle Point, we care about your outdoor living. For this reason, we offer a one-year warranty on plants. If one of your plants dies within its first year, call us. We will replace it for only the wholesale cost of the replacement plant and will charge no fee for labor.

Hardscaping Warranty

At Castle Point Landscape Design, we do all of our installations per ICPI and NCMA standards—meaning our installers have received the highest training and best practices involved with interlocking concrete pavers. For this reason, we are happy to provide a two-year post-installation warranty to cover any issues that may arise during that window.

Here’s the Point: Call Us!

We are eager to help you plan your backyard oasis so you can enjoy your best summer ever. Contact our landscaping professionals online or call 908.512.2267 for all of your garden care, hardscaping and planting needs.